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Joseph N. Muzio


Buddy Remembers - Then and Now

A story of Family,
Coming of Age and

Told with sensitivity and directness

A candid telling of a boy's image of his father and mother
and the influences they had on his life.

This book recounts the journey, personalities, marriage and parenting of two individuals from peasant origins in southern Italy and who grew up and developed primarily in the New York City environs.

Product Details

Paperback:229 pages
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
1st edition, March, 2008
ISBN: 1-4251-6510-90 


This book is a memoir about my parents' lives. It is based on my remembrances, conversations with relatives, reviewing family photographs and remaining personal documents of our family.

This memoir was something I'd planned for a long time. Initially, I thought it would be no more than a few dozen pages, but it grew organically and became a more detailed recollection of my mother and father's lives, their marriages, their approaches to life, how they raised my sister and me, and their continuing influence on me. They developed in America within their cultural boundaries; they struggled, met adversity, thrived and pursued their personal goals. As the writing expanded, it has been simultaneously an exhilarating and exhausting process.

Dad as a young man
This is well beyond genealogical charting or the identification of long-ago distant relatives. Rather, it offers perceptions about my beliefs and feelings regarding my parents, their positive qualities and flaws, as well as how I perceive them as an older adult.

Wedding Day

This introspective and reflective process is one that I encourage others to engage in, writing about their parents so there will be descriptions of the roles they played. I term such writing a critical component of the collective humanity, providing the historical journeys that would become available to the remaining family members and their ancestors. Conceivably such writings could form the endless documentation of family history, behaviors, interactions, and experiences. It might even provide greater clarity and understanding of one's parents through a long-range lens.


My Parents Dancing

Dad in his younger years

At the Race Track

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